F.A.R.T.S. Aren’t the Only Thing That Stink…

Sorry for the click-bait title, but it needed to be done.

After our recent article, and the usual accompanying “hysterism” by BJWT in response to it, we noticed a peculiar reaction by all the Eddieites. They went to another organization’s page and proceeded to scream and fuss, name call and make asshats of themselves in general. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to avoid all the trolls, but really? Having an I.C.A.R.U.S. article raise the dust, and then watch another conservation group get all the hate mongering was, well, awkward.

Then folks started contacting us and asking if we had any comment on our “relationship” with BCR. They attached links to their questions, and when we saw where those links went, it all suddenly started to make sense.

Big Cat Rescue Watch is a website run by Juan Garcia* who is devoted single-mindedly to doing anything and everything to destroy Big Cat Rescue’s reputation. Apparently Juan posted an article months ago “rebutting” one of our articles. And when I say “rebutting” I’m being generous. Basically, Juan spends the entire article trash talking BCR, while defending BJWT (no surprise, the website is designed solely to defend BJWT while trashing BCR) and lying about the photos. But it’s the bottom of the article where he really shows that he’s willing to do anything to defend BJWT.

In a screenshot of an unknown page, involving an unknown person (no names or proof that those involved have anything to do with BCR) Juan shows someone–who states that they don’t even work at BCR–saying that “the crew supports them” in response to several questions wherein Juan claims that Big Cat Rescue is somehow responsible for the I.C.A.R.U.S. article.

Aside from the fact that Juan doesn’t just objectively ask a question, but rather goes into the discussion with his mind made up and directly  asserts from the beginning that BCR is in charge of the article, and despite that the person clearly says “No, BCR wouldn’t have anything to do with it” Juan continues to assert that BCR is in charge of the articles produced by I.C.A.R.U.S. stating that “Maybe Big Cat Rescue has someone writing for them”. It’s not clear why he even included his “questions” in his article when he simply ignored the answer of “NO” and reiterated that BCR does, in fact, have someone writing articles for them under the name of I.C.A.R.U.S.

Despite Juan Garcia’s adorable “disclosure” at the bottom of his blog, his accusations that I.C.A.R.U.S.’s staff writer is “working for BCR” qualifies as libel, because our staff writer has absolutely no associating with BCR, and has never had any association with BCR. By attempting to damage her reputation by connecting her with another unrelated organization, Juan is libeling her.

But here’s the thing, BCRWatch website is nothing more than an illegitimate “shell” site, baseless and without merit. Basically, it’s nothing but a hub for those who support cub petting and places who promote it, where they can attempt to discredit legitimate, accredited sanctuaries and those who are striving to stop the practice of captive exotic animal exploitation.

Juan Garcia calls anyone who takes a stand against cub petting and exploitation a F.A.R.T. and has this, among other similar images, on his site.


It’s the sort of “clever” humor that Serio of BJWT likes to think he possesses. Not that BCRWatch is paid for by BJWT, or anything. At least, not that we know of. Though, it is sort of curious that BCRWatch reposted his “rebuttal” article, and pinned it to the top of his page at the exact same time that “Papa Bear” was pitching his own tantrum on his live feed about destroying us. I mean, interesting coincidence, you know? Or maybe not a coincidence at all.


* We have no idea if Juan Garcia is this guy’s actual name, but it’s what he goes by on social media.

I thought that I’d copy and paste Juan’s disclaimer here. He’s super careful to post it under his rhetoric, I mean, articles, since his site is full of lies, I suppose, in hopes to avoid trouble from lying.

I hold no claims of ownership to the referenced articles, screenshots, or photos that are public information online. All photo references and commentary articles have been carefully researched, reported, and solely intended for criticism, comment, and nonprofit educational purpose to inform the public. Subjects not referenced with facts should be considered opinion. Testimonies from sources/interviews, comments, criticism, and articles are released without malice (i.e., without intent to harm) to any parties and intended solely for educational purposes. If any content herein can be proven to be untrue, incorrect, or illegal it will be corrected or deleted immediately, The opinions and beliefs of the contributors to this website and those of it’s administration are the result of many hours of intensive research and are protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Opinions stated here are my own. The information is true to the best of my research and knowledge.

8 thoughts on “F.A.R.T.S. Aren’t the Only Thing That Stink…

  1. marygay chaples

    i smell money lots and lots of money , as all non profit action groups seem to have a nose for….everyone is in the bread line so to speak and getting a big slice of the pie….they do zero for the animals or the public or the planet except have in most cases a hidden agenda and that is to do away with all animals so big business can take over the rivers, oceans ,and yes the land and develop it and then leave a waste land…..a desert,,,,,,,they are even looking at YELLOWSTONE TO MINE IN….or how about the AMAZON and the NILE….progress is what they call it ,,,,,,


    1. Marygay,

      We agree with you that many non-pofits, are, in fact, out for money, rather than dedicated to beneficially impacting the environment that they’re supposedly going to protect. We’ve heard about the proposed mining in Yellowstone, among other things. It seems that every “safe” and “protected” place only remains so for as long there are no natural resources which can be harvested for profit. The moment such resources are discovered, the rules protecting those areas began getting bent. We would like to change that.


  2. Hello Marygay,

    Yes, we are animal protectors.
    Yes, we are against anyone owning exotic animals which exist naturally in wild habitats. Wild animals are the primary focus of I.C.A.R.U.S. though we will not ever standby while domestic animals suffer, either.
    Yes, we support bans dependent upon what they ban, and how it affects everything connected to it.
    Yes, we DO believe that there are still wild areas in the wild where animals can survive without human interference and we believe that protecting these areas is of paramount importance. Furthermore, we believe that with a change in conservation outlook and legislation, wild places can be reclaimed.
    Right now, despite having a donate button, we have yet to bring in public donations, so that’s a moot point.
    Non profit status is something we’re currently in the stages of receiving.
    We appreciate your interest and will be happy to answer any other questions you might have.


  3. Hello, George,

    I find it amusing that you claim to have “viewed the material” on the BCRWatch Facebook page and “find it accurate” when one of the most prominent things on there is an article claiming that I am employed by BCR as a writer. I am not employed by BCR, I have never been employed by BCR, I’ve never even so much as spoken to BCR. So “accurate” is not how I would refer to the BCRWatch page.

    If Juan “has no interest” in cub petting events, why has he attended them and stated that he saw absolutely nothing wrong with cubs being walked around on leashes, handled by the public, and forced to swim in chlorine pools with them? If Juan is in favor of “treating all animals with respect” then why does he support those venues which use them as props, exploiting them in order to make a profit? The very fact that you state BCRWatch was “put in place because of the hypocritical Carole Baskin and her mission to benefit financially” shows that neither you, nor BCRWatch is in anyway shape or form “objective” in their/your views. They were founded to “prove” their own opinions which were already fashioned and set in stone, clearly through any venue necessary, including the spread of lies and misinformation, and as you’ve stated here, you agree with them.


  4. Anonymous

    I believe the affiliation with BCR confusion stems from the founder of ICARUS previous employment with BCR. There isn’t a byline for each article, but since the writer has ties to the founder (or may be the founder for some articles) who has ties to BCR, inferences are made.


    1. Dear Anonymous, my name is Jessica James and I am the founder of I.C.A.R.U.S.
      There has been much speculation , and honestly a whole lot of hullabaloo , over my “connection ” to Big Cat Rescue.
      I would like to clarify a few things to set the record straight. Several years ago, I think 2 to be exact, I was an intern at Big Cat Rescue..just like many before and after me. I cleaned enclosures and worked with big cats for a while, but I had applied for the internship because I was inspired by a bill that would prevent just anyone ( regardless of if you are a pseudo sanctuary or Joe Smith on the corner) from owning big cats. I don’t believe they belong in any place but in the wild or a REPUTABLE sanctuary..no, not even in a zoo. I eventually was allowed to participate in a legislative internship, which was brand new to Big Cat. It was an honor. Even now that I have moved on I still support this act. I have been back to BCR only once, sadly, since the end of my internship.
      In my career I have interned and worked for many wonderful organizations that uphold excellent standards ( regardless of mistakes they have made in the past…AND are upfront about)
      I do not have any input from BCR..as an intelligent woman I can actually decide things for myself. I do continue to support them and their wonderful work, as I do HSUS and many other organizations I am NOT currently employed by.
      I not only do not get paid by organizations that we support but my staff writer Artemis Grey ( who has written nearly EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE on that page) has never set foot on the property nor received a cent from them..or from me to be fair. This non profit has never actively sought donations , that link was mostly there for the convenience of my summit guests to pay for portions of their travel. Guests from many, many different organizations such as ALDF , Freeland and Harvard University attended. You know who wasn’t there? Big Cat Rescue.
      No longer are we going to try and defend our support of good organizations just as pseudo sanctuaries and bullshit organizations don’t have an issue with their twisted boys club.
      Also, just to note, all of this info has never been hidden so “exposing” public knowledge is the exact opposite of what my staff writer does and rather pointless.
      We will continue on doing real conservation work, which by the way is not exclusively journalistic work. I work extensively in legislation and in the field. Artemis, Rachel and I are not, in fact, three little girls playing with babies ( super progressive of the opposition to degrade women because of their lack of real ammunition ). We are three grown women with real experience trying to bring about real change.
      I hope this helps some of our more confused commentators.


  5. Gaia

    As a former bjwt fan, i wish more people who follow them would open their minds to the possibility that they are being lied to.
    I know there’s denial at first, i’ve been there. But it’s sooooooo easy for bjwt to say they “saved” these animals and everyone believes him. For christ’s sake, he blocks those who ask questions that are too in depth, regardless of their intention. They can’t even hold the cubs properly when feeding them


  6. Gaia

    Seriously to all bjwt people… take a step back before being angry with icarus… and ask yourself if you truly know everything about this organization. Be skeptical until there is complete clarity and transparency.


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