Update on Florida Black Bear Massacre

This is a tragic loss and completely unnecessary. Sanitation was the solution to this “problem” not a massacre of bears. At least 28 lactating mothers and several cubs were slaughtered. This includes a citation given to a hunter for taking a 42 lb cub. You can do better, Florida.

Cecils Pride

On October 24th and 25th, at least 298 Florida black bears were killed during the Florida Fish and Wildlife “Conservation” Commission’s (FWC) bear hunt, the first time the hunt has occurred in 21 years. Just three years ago, this unique subspecies of black bear was still on the list of threatened species with an estimated 3,000 bears in the entire state. The hunt was slated to last a full week or until the quota of 320 bears were “harvested” or “taken” (read killed).


The hunt was ceased within two Bear Management Units at the end of the first day and the quotas were exceeded within those units. Within the span of 13 hours, 112 bears were killed within the Panhandle, nearly tripling the quota of 40 bears. In the Central region where the quota was 100 bears, 139 were killed the first day. The entire hunt was…

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