With Great Celebrity, Comes Great Power

Following yesterday’s post in regard to making mistakes, and the fact that everyone makes them, it’s how we learn from them that matters I’m going to share an open letter written by our founder, Jessica Janson. It’s been published several locations, but unfortunately, the number of celebrities partaking in – and then posting on social media about – cub-petting has only continued to grow, despite that the cubs used in these situations outgrow their usefulness within weeks, and are subsequently sold into the captive breeding, or canned hunting industry.


Beyonce and husband Jay Z in Phuket

So much damage to animals committed in only a few minutes of media. As long as celebrities with millions of fans continue to support, and subsequently advertise, the pay-to-play game, it will remain an uphill battle to counteract. But then, the ICARUS crew happens to be accustomed to hard work, so we’re prepared for the task! Please take a moment to follow the link and read Jessica’s open letter and then share it, to help us in our climb to conquer the mountain of pay-to-play schemes!


Author: Jessica James

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