A Rescuer Is Supposed to Rescue

In my last article I focused on the narcissism of animal interactions, specifically the pay-to-play schemes run by so many “sanctuaries” which are not GFAS accredited. I also touched on those who glorify the handling of big cats, like Eduardo Serio and Black Jaguar White Tiger. I had intended to turn my attention on the various celebrities who propagate the public’s desire to hold and take photographs with captive wild animals, but Black Jaguar White Tiger has recently made such a textbook example of themselves in the matter of narcissism and hands-on interactions that it was impossible to ignore.

In just the last few days, Serio has introduced not one, but two, new cubs to his followers. One of them is Gorakh, a white lion, who “came” to him from the same place where he also got Limubai, General, Slider, and Ghost. As Serio puts it, he is “a very lucky person to have friends that help me rescue these babies”. Or, from a more rational perspective, and since he refuses to ever disclose exactly from where he gets the cubs, or exactly from whom he gets them, he’s lucky to have such a steady supply of cubs which can so conveniently be “rescued”.

But I digress. Gorakh (who was introduced to Serio’s followers one day, and put in with other cubs the next, without any discussion of quarantine or other precautions where the spread of zoologic diseases are concerned) is a seemingly healthy lion cub.

The same cannot be said for the second big cat cub Serio so proudly introduced to his adoring fans. Achilles the tiger cub arrived at Black Jaguar White Tiger with four broken bones, two of them already incorrectly fixed with pins and fused permanently, and a slew of other internal problems, including intestinal issues. The cub was in profound agony.

So what did Serio do?

He videoed the suffering animal as it lay on the floor of the house where his cubs are kept, and posted it to his Instagram account, describing the horrific condition of the cub and how much pain he was in.

Then he posted a second video of the cub wherein someone forces it to move, causing the animal to writhe in agony, its eyes contracted into pinpoints by the pain it’s experiencing. The caption says ‘Notice how when Achilles moves he is in pain. We are pretty sure it’s something internal.’ He goes on to explain that they’ve just put him under anesthesia and will be running more tests. Again, this video was taken in the room of a house, not a sterile vet clinic. This particular post has already been shared by Serio’s adoring followers, with captions like ‘Papa Bear is going to make sure you get all the best attention and doctors.’

Presumably after he’s done taking videos of your suffering and then posting them to the internet.

The next post–and mind you, these all popped up within a couple of days–finds us finally in a vet clinic where a sedated–not anesthetized, there is a big difference–Achilles is getting an ultrasound. In the caption, Serio informs readers that his back legs each have incorrectly placed screws which have thus healed incorrectly, that he has extremely severe calcium deficiency, and two fractures in his left foreleg. On top of that he has gastritis. Despite the grievous condition of the cub, and the insurmountable complications he’ll face in the future dealing with three legs which cannot function properly, and cannot hold his weight as a cub, much less the weight of the 700 lb adult male tiger, Serio announces that he “expects to get him through surgery in around 10 days” (surgery for what is not specified) and “then, 6 weeks of war for Papa Bear controlling Achilles’ movements”.

The next post (coming just one day later) shows Achilles lying prone on the floor of the house, with what could be considered slightly elevating breathing. The caption for it reads “Achilles is stable, he is eating and taking his calcium and mineral complex. We can not get him into surgery because his bones need to be stronger, if not, he’ll break them again after the surgery. His pain has diminished (Not totally) because we don’t want him moving around a lot, but the next 5 days will tell us a lot. He is not complaining a third of how he was complaining yesterday.” Sergio goes on to say “I’m positive about his recovery but remember, treating a Tiger is not like treating a Human”

And finally, just an hour ago, there was a post showing Achilles lying immobile on his back, hissing in obvious pain, and unable to even roll over. Still, Serio insists that he’s ‘doing better. Slowly but improving.’ and that “Now he can turn by himself and he’s complaining 5 percent of what he was complaining when they got him. It’s been almost 40 hours without painkillers so I’m very happy.” He ends by saying “I’m positive that Achilles will win this battle.”

But “win” to what end?

This entire situation is an exemplary manifestation of Eduardo Serio’s inconceivable egotism and narcissism. The timelines of the posts do not add up. He first says the animal will have surgery in 10 days, and then immediately says that they can’t take him to surgery yet. The posts went up on Instagram within 48 hrs of each other, yet he describes the animals pain and suffering in the first few, then in the last one tells us that the cub has been without pain meds for 40 hours.

Has the animal been lying, unable to walk for 10 full days and they still cannot do surgery? Is Serio simply posting again and confusingly rehashing the fact that they can’t do surgery? What is the surgery even for? To fix the two fractures in the left foreleg? For something else?

We don’t know the answer to any of those questions. The disjointed way in which Serio publicizes his “rescued angels” is not designed to convey factual information to the public, but rather to garner attention.

And lots of it.

Instead of secluding a badly injured and suffering animal away from attention and action, offering it peace and quiet, Serio puts it on public display, going so far as to force it to move just to show the viewers how much pain it’s in. Instead of being kept in a padded cage, on fluids, and monitored by medical experts, the tiger cub is lying on the floor of the same house where Serio keeps all of his other cubs.

This is not animal rescue, this is animal abuse.

On top of all of the above are the scientific logistics associated with the number of problems facing this young tiger. I’m an optimist, but I’m also a realist. Here is a cub who only weighs 10-15 lbs now, and is unable to walk. Three of his four legs are severely compromised, and from my own experience with animals who suffered extreme calcium and mineral deficiencies in their adolescence, I know for a fact that no matter how well he responds to treatment, Achilles will not ever have a normal skeletal system, nor one which is fully capable of functioning the way a normal skeleton would. These issues combine to create the perfect storm of infirmities. Fracture sites, particularly ones near the joint, or which have been fixed via implants, are notoriously prone to developing arthritis which will only serve to further deteriorate the bones. And Achilles has three out of four legs facing such a fate. The fourth, normal, leg will not stay that way, as overburdening of weight will cause it to quickly breakdown and develop similar issues as those already compromised. Achilles is looking at a shortened half-life wherein walking and moving around will cause him constant and unavoidable pain.

This is presuming that he survives surgery, that infection does not set in, and that there are no other complications. If it were a pony, or horse, or even a large dog, I do not know of any vet who would recommend pursuing treatment. Not with such a grim outlook. I’m not saying that the cat should be put down, I’m saying that *if* Achilles’ injuries are as severe has Serio is describing them to be, the humane course of action would be euthanasia. The tiger cub cannot even stand, and we have only Serio’s word that it is eating on its own.

Yet the videos will likely continue. Serio, for all of his accusations that other, genuine (GFAS accredited) sanctuaries, are “incapable of properly caring for their animals”, is more focused on using his animals to further his own greatness. Instead of quietly bringing comfort and a painless release to a tiger cub whose future will–regardless of whether he grows to adulthood–involve constant pain and crippling infirmities, Serio is choosing to keep him alive for the publicity that trying to save him will provide for Black Jaguar White Tiger. I’m not a veterinarian. But neither is Serio. He’s simply a wealthy narcissist that would rather look like a savior of animals than a rational conservationist.

Making the difficult choice to select the course of action that is best for the animal, rather than the course that is best for yourself, is what animal husbandry is all about. You cannot save every animal, something that GFAS sanctuaries are all to aware of. And if you cannot with certainty secure a future of comfortable, functional existence for an animal, then you are not acting in their best interest to drag them through painful surgeries and prolonged discomfort. You are, instead, acting in your own best interest.

Especially when you broadcast that arduous journey of suffering to millions of followers touting how you and you alone can save the animal.

Eduardo Serio isn’t God. He can’t heal animals with love, as he repeatedly says. He cannot cure them simply by ‘rescuing’ them. And he cannot offer them comfort and safety when he uses even their most wretched pain to further his own fame.

A rescuer is supposed to rescue things, not use them.

Addendum: Here is the most recent video. Achilles is lying in an unnatural position on his back seemingly unable to right himself as Serio pets him. Serio continues to insist that the cub is improving but here is no proof of that in the video.

I’m also putting in two screenshots depicting a recent bout of self congratulating that Serio posted.


What is most concerning about the fact that Serio is comparing himself to Servitje is that Servitje built a massive conglomerate company (one that is a monopoly, controlling over 80% of all baked goods and bread in Mexico) which brings in around 8.9 billion dollars a year on profit. But Serio claims to be dedicated to rescuing his angels, not turning them into a source of revenue. Shouldn’t he be idolizing someone like Jane Goodall? Or Diane Fossey? Some people might consider this nitpicking, but when Serio compares himself to a billionaire business man, including his own use of social media as advertising, I see nothing but someone who is building a business on the backs of exploited animals.

Second addendum:

This was posted today. Again, Serio claims that Achilles is doing “way better”. The general expression of the cub (walleyed, with pinpoint pupils) and the constant licking of his lips indicates otherwise.

Third addendum:

Posted today. Serio continues to claim that Achilles is improving. I continue to disbelieve him.

Fourth addendum:

There have been several more videos, and I haven’t linked to them because they all show basically the same thing, a crippled, despondent tiger cub with wide eyes and contracted pupils, non-reactive to stimulation. One video shows him licking-not chewing and swallowing, but just licking-a small piece of meat.

Then, less than an hour ago, Serio posted this video, wherein Achilles is drinking water from a bowl. Underneath, Serio describes how Achilles is improving and even tried to stand but ‘his spine wouldn’t let him’ and that if not for his spine injury, he thinks Achilles could stand. Then he mentions the possibility of performing surgery on the cub to fix his (unnamed) spine injury.

Was THIS the surgery Serio was mentioning in the earlier posts? Was Serio aware all along that Achilles was suffering from spinal trauma? Such an injury was never mentioned in any post, unless I somehow missed it. This adds an entirely new facet of difficulty to the survival chances of Achilles. Even hale otherwise uncompromised animals are euthanized due to spinal injuries, dependent upon the severity of those injuries. It’s been almost a week, and we’ve not seen any evidence that Achilles can stand, and no evidence that he’ll ever be able to stand. Yet Serio insists that “Papa Bear” is going to fix Achilles with the power of his love!

Fifth addendum: It’s now been over two weeks since Achilles showed up at BJWT. I’ve stopped linking to every single video Serio posts, because there’s about 300 of them relating to Achilles. The one thing that every video shares in common is the fact that there has been no visible improvement in the tiger cub’s physical state. Serio has even mentioned yet one more newly discovered break in the only remaining undamaged leg. To recap, Achilles has multiple breaks in every limb, as well as throughout his small body, he has spinal damage and nerve damage and still cannot even sit up, much less stand. And yet Serio continues slapping up videos, calling on his followers to ‘think blue’ and heal the tiger cub with the power of love, just like Jim Jones beseeching his mindless followers to somehow eradicate the American government with the power of their minds. And just like the Kool-aid drinkers of the past, Serio’s followers are still drinking up his antics, exclaiming over how much better Achilles looks and how much he’s healing. Meanwhile, the tiger cub continues to suffer, hoisted in and out of the house on a wooden plank and used to further the reputation of an abuser no better than those who broke his tiny body to start with.

Sixth addendum: It’s been some time since I updated, but here’s the latest vide of Achilles. Serio gushes about how he’s recovering from 10 fractures “one step at a time” but as the cub has had no surgery to stabilize any of the fractures, and Serio himself has stated that the incorrectly place pins in his hind legs are actually continuing to damage them, all I see is gross negligence and abuse, not hope and optimism.

51 thoughts on “A Rescuer Is Supposed to Rescue

  1. He’s a sick man who posts sick videos for his own benefit. I saw every single one of them and felt physically ill. He’s abusing a tiger cub in front of millions and people and all he gets is praises? There’s nothing wonderful about torturing a cub who is already in so much pain. This is horrible, this is wrong and this is so twisted I could not even describe it if I tried. Thank you for this article, ICARUS!

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    1. Hello Tatyana,

      Donations are something every foundation needs. That isn’t the issue here. The problem is that Serio does not use his videos to EDUCATE anyone of anything. No, he didn’t cause Achilles’ injuries. Who did? We don’t know. How did he get injured? We don’t know. Exactly what injuries did he suffer? We don’t know. Exactly how were/are these injuries being treated? We don’t know. All we know is that someone else hurt Achilles and then he came to BJWT. The rest remains a huge question mark because Serio does not actually take the time to educate his followers. Either because he, himself doesn’t know, or doesn’t seem it to be important information. He touts his own “experts” but never allows them to discuss anything, nor does he directly quote them. His lack of medical detail leaves anyone with a medical/rescue background both skeptical and full of questions. Especially when the medical conditions Serio often cites literally cannot be corrected by the treatment he then states that the cats are on.

      I’m sure Serio DOES love his cats. We’ve never suggested otherwise. However, suggest that he “spreads awareness” about how big cats aren’t pets is rather laughable. Especially since the majority of his videos show them playing on his house, sleeping in his bed, playing with him outside, or, perhaps most damningly his guests playing with the cubs inside the house or outside in the one grassy area. The comments beneath these videos and photos show that the message being portrayed is on of “it’s awesome to play with big cats” as a huge percentage of comments refer to how the commenter wants to do the same thing, wants to do exactly what Serio is doing, has made it their life goal/put it on their bucket list to hold a baby tiger/lion/jaguar/whatever. Clearly they are not taking away that what Serio is doing is BAD even though he’s supposedly trying to convey that message.

      Perversely, BJWT supporters routinely accuse those of us who question Serio as being “jealous” of him and how he runs the foundation. If he’s truly teaching others not to handle big cats, why would we be “jealous” when none of us handle them? We can only be “jealous” if we want to play with big cats like Serio does, and that’s not the case. We want to see and end to such promotion of big cat handling.

      As for Serio being a “good man” I’d refer you to his multiple social media posts wherein he calls us (among others) “fucking bitches” tells us to “fuck ourselves” and to “kiss his Mexican ass” all because we’ve raised legitimate questions that he’s still never answered. Wouldn’t a “good man” simply explain his position, answer our questions and/or prove us wrong, and move on?


  2. OH DEAR GOD!!! Can’t anyone do something?! PLEASE rescue this baby tiger from this egotistical & narcissistic psychopath! OH DEAR GOD!! Someone please do something to stop this insane freak from torturing this poor baby tiger! THIS IS INHUMANE!!


  3. Robbie

    I was following black jaguar white tiger then thought What is THis? The website gives you no information. No intelligence on the animals and this Achilles situation is just wrong.

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  4. Shelly

    What I am curious about is the contest he is running. I read the rules and the prize is worth $35,000. This prize is fully taxable both federal and state. That could be a lot of money to the prize winner. They are giving one away each month. How can a not-for profit afford this? The followers on Instagram seem completely unaware of the financial implications.

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  5. Shelly

    What I don’t understand is the contest they are running. The prize is worth $35,000 and is fully taxable to the winner. How does a not for profit afford this? Federal and state tax on $35,000 can be a lot of money to some.


  6. Allison

    I have followed him for awhile but then started wondering why Achilles wasn’t in a hospital or proper place with physical therapists, etc. I noticed his wide eyes and saw that in my cat when she was ill at 19 years old. I posted a comment asking about the wide eyes and he erased the comment and blocked me. I’m showing your page to my son and we are both not following him anymore. This tiger needs proper care, period. It’s shameful this guy allows this poor animal to drag itself around. I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

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  7. It is a month since I first saw this poor baby tiger is so much pain, I can hardly watch. And now, a month later, he still hasn’t been taken to an animal hospital for proper care. Is anything being done?! What about contacting those authorities in Mexico that have been giving him (so he says) more animals that they captured? Maybe if they become aware of this, they would be able to address it. This just can’t keep going like this! Dear God, this inhumane animal should be put down and real animal activists remove the wild animals and place them in REAL SANCTUARIES!!

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  8. Have any of you ever rescued a tiger ? Do any of you know many big cats are pets? I applaud Eduardo., he is using technology to raise awareness. Those animals love him , you can see it through the videos. I wonder how many vets are great at handling tigers / operating on them ? Probably not many . You should be ashamed of yourself for mentioning Euthanasia , your the abuser, after all he was not found in the wild. How about donating and entering the contest to win a no frills trip to the sanctuary , and see if you mind changes…. Your just spewing hate with your feelings you have no facts , you never even met Eduardo…


    1. Actually, we have rescued many animals. Our organization is not just academic but practical and tactical as well. Beyond that we won’t acknowledge or address your comments or choice of language. Our articles provide more than enough evidence as to why the public is blindly following a narcissistic abuser.


    2. Sandra E Dejin

      There is a lot of vets out there with the knowledge, and especially if you read the website his relative is an “expert” on wild animals, should he not have the knowledge on what to do?


      1. Sandra, his “cousin the expert” is a big cat breeder and seller. It was his cousin who bred and was going to sell Cielo to the pet store. His cousin also has access to other breeders. The only VETERINARIANS on the BJWT staff are a domestic small animal vet, and a bird specialist, because Eddie also collects exotic-some of them endangered and highly trafficked-parrots.


  9. Paula

    I started to follow this “sanctuary” on instagram due to other animal pages I follow posted things from them, and it was exactly on the time they were posting lots of things about the little tiger Achilles, so I followed to know about this tiger recover, I found everything very fishy, so I went to their site and facebook, also very shady explanations about the status of the “sanctuary” and why so many babies incoming, also I noticed since the 1st day i followed them how rude that Eduardo guy is to people that ask genuine questions. Anyway, l looked up more about them and found LOTS of articles like this one. I still follow them to know about the baby tiger Achilles health, and since a week ago I guess, I don’t know what miracle has happened because he IS WALKING, climbing beds and fast pacing and SEEM not stressed and in pain.


    1. You’re right, Paula, there is a lot “fishy” about Eduardo and his BJWT. Not only is Serio’s policy to berate and then block anyone who questions him, but he takes great care to post the “stories” of the animals at BJWT in a way that obscures facts like what precise medical treatments are being offered, how the animals are receiving that treatment and the duration of the illness/treatment. We’ve been following Achilles as well, and while he is performing what could loosely be considered a “walk” the videos Serio is so excitedly posting to show Achilles’ “progress” also display some profoundly worrisome issues, not the least of which seems to be a spinal deformity. While many see this as a “miracle” the manner in which Achilles is moving is not a mode of motion what will be sustainable for an adult tiger in the long run. The spinal deformity aside, there are also visible deformities in his haunches, and particularly the right foreleg. All of these problems will compound to create an insular system of inflammation and damage to his joints. We will be writing another post in regard to Achilles soon.


  10. Paula

    I forgot to post the videos of him walking:

    What could have happen to a weeks old cub with calcium deficiency and 4 broken legs to walk like that in less than 2 months? I am genuinely intrigued, because they only say that he is taking calcium and minerals reposition, is it possible? I’m no doctor, but as Eduardo’s lies comes around could he be posting videos of and old kitty that recovered (or passed away) from such situation, as a new cat, because that recovering is insanely fast for a case like that.


      1. Crystal

        I don’t mind all of the publicity and all of the money rolling here because I see much needed organizations go under every day because of lack of funding. I can only imagine the costs of food, staff, maintenance, health care and all other costs that go into something like this. I only pray that this a true sanctuary for these animals. However, while it is absolutely our responsibility to care for these animals, i don’t put it past anyone to have selfish motives for an organization such as this. It should be watched closely, but not scrutinized to harshly. If the organization is responsible for finding t’s own funding I feel it’s unfair to hold them to the fire for it.


      2. Hello Crystal,

        So, in essence, you don’t care if BJWT is buying animals, or breeding them, if they’re actually even putting the “money rolling in” to work for the animals?

        You state that you “don’t mind” Serio exploiting his animals and rolling money into his foundation by doing so, because you’ve seen other foundations go under for lack of funding, and then you say that you “pray” that this is a true sanctuary for these animals. Then you say that you wouldn’t put it passed anyone to have selfish motives, but that they shouldn’t be “scrutinized too harshly” and that if they’re responsible for funding themselves it’s “unfair” to “hold them to the fire for it.”

        With all the pack and forth, I’m unsure of what expectations you have for a sanctuary. The very definition of “sanctuary” is a place where an animals is “safe from exploitation”. So either you don’t care about Serio exploiting his animals, or you believe they should be in a sanctuary. But you can’t have it both ways. Likewise, either you don’t care where he’s getting his money, or you believe he needs to be accountable. But you can’t “watch” him, and yet not “hold them to the fire” for his misuse of funds.

        Here are some irrefutable facts about BJWT.
        1) They are not a sanctuary. They are registered as a zoo.
        2) The papers recently posted by Serio during his tantrum in regard to “financials” do not, in fact, qualify as an itemized list like that which is required by 501(c)3 companies at the end of the tax year.
        3) Serio repeatedly advertises for friends, and posts photos of himself with “endorsers” often flaunting expensive gifts, such as the $4,000.00 Hublot watch (and Hublot raised $200,000.00 for the foundation last year) and as of yet, there has been no breakdown of where this money is going. In addition, it’s not clear that accepting such gifts is even allowable under the stipulations of 501(c)3 status.
        4) Serio actively uses the animals he’s gathering sole in order to make money, and get even higher ranks on social media. He has recently revealed an oncilla cub, which came from one of his own animals, bred, he says “to repopulate” yet, that cub is being hand reared, and played with as if it’s a house cat, which means that it will never be able to be released into the wild.
        5) Despite his claims to be working with the Mexican government, and his proclamations about various other projects, literally the only thing Serio does in regard to conservation is to hashtag his photos and videos, often using hashtags, like #notpets under videos of himself rolling around in a bed with the animals who are supposedly #notpets.

        In reviewing all of these facts (and by all means, go gather some more of your own) you need to take a position on one side, or the other. Just “letting it go” or “not scrutinizing” people like Serio, is how he’s risen to such a status to begin with. Yes, many worthwhile organizations are lost due to lack of funding. That doesn’t mean we should blindly funnel money into institutions which are then not held accountable for actually using that money for the purpose of helping animals, and promoting conservation. And unfortunately, simply possessing hundreds of big cats as pets, and being super popular on social media does not make one worthy of free rein to use those cats for profit.


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  13. Ericacls

    Have you seen Achilles recently?? He is bouncing around, happy, healthy and has been rehabilitated. Clearly you are spewing nonsensical BS. Instead of spreading hate and berating someone who truly cares for these animals, go do something good in this world. I actually feel sad for you that this is how you spend your time. Eddie is doing what he does for the animals. End. Of. Story.


    1. Hello Ericacis,

      We have seen Achilles recently. He is moving around more than he was when he arrived, for sure. However, his “bouncing” is only in spurts, and he has not been “rehabilitated” so much as “stabilized”. His back remains deformed in an unnatural hunch, and his hindquarters remain atrophied and lacking in musculature. There is a difference between being capable of functioning (possibly while on painkillers) and “completely cured”. Achilles will never be “cured”. That’s no one’s fault (and contrary to what Serio says, we’ve never suggested that he’s not “properly” caring for the cat as far as medicine and food goes, so the fact that Achilles won’t ever be “normal” isn’t something we’re blaming on Serio) it’s just the nature of the neglect the cat suffered.

      We spend our time trying to support groups who do not engage in exploiting the animals in their care. If Serio stopped playing with his animals and posting videos and photos of it, and stopped allowing guests to play with them, it would go a long way to legitimize BJWT. But as long as he engages in actively exploiting them–just as every cub-petting group does elsewhere–we’re going to speak out against BJWT and the fact that they promote playing with captive wild animals as if they’re pets. No amount of hash tagging can negate the fact that Serio lives in a private residence with captive big cats that he raises by hand in his closet. Aside from providing a better diet (not ideal, but better) nothing he does is different from the private owners he supposedly rescues a lot of these cats from.

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      1. Kate Rhodes

        Think about what you are saying. You would never put a human being down because of malnutrition or deformity.. Did Jerry Lewis ‘exploit’ the children he put on TV to help raise money for MD? Eddie has found an effective way to support what he believes in. People are motivated to help because they get to know these animals and form personal bonds to them thanks to Eddie’s broadcasts. Rethink your position. You are being close-minded.

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      2. Hello Kate,

        It’s interesting that you would take this position and line of argument when Serio has said, himself in live videos, that he thinks every adult human should be required by law to undergo genetic testing in order to guarantee they won’t have children who are mentally or physically disabled or deformed because kids with disabilities are “a burden” to everyone else.

        Serio is, as you say, motivating people. He’s motivating them to send HIM money, and to support direct interaction with big cats. Nothing BJWT does has any impact on protecting wild animals. Rather, it glorifies them as pets, and reinforces the idea that the safest place for big cats is in human homes, and captivity.


  14. José

    Before reading this that was one of my favourite pages on IG, but this raised some doubts. The only question I have is why do the cats seem to love him ?? Thanks!! And i hope you are wrong with this and that he actually is a hero beacuse if not i fear for those poor animals.


    1. Hello Jose,

      Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to makes dependency seem like love. These animals are hand raised by Serio in his closet in cardboard boxes. Literally the only interaction they’re permitted are when Serio provides them with food and attention. They’re specifically conditioned to associate Serio with anything good. They’re allowed outside only when he’s there and videoing. He’s present for their feeding, they’re allowed out of their rooms only when Serio allows them out. They’re deprived of any other option but to depend on him for their needs. It creates what looks like a special bond, but despite what Serio says, this bond is forced and contrived.

      You’ll notice that he rarely goes in with the older animals, as they’re less easy to control.

      In the case of Achilles, Serio has consistently lied repeatedly, stating that we criticized him for not “murdering” Achilles, when you can see right here that we only suggested that humane euthanasia might be more merciful. And while Achilles is “perfect” according to Serio, he’s still carried in and out of the house, unable to descend climb the stairs and he still moves with a hair that shows considerable instability. There remains a huge question as to how long Achilles will be able to continue as he is. What we do know, is that for as long as he’s alive, Serio will keep using him to sell merchandise.


      1. José

        Thanks for replying so fast. I had wondered why was he rarely with the older lions, or when he was, he filmed them with zoom from outside their cages.
        Another thing, last week a video of one of his cats “saving” him from the “attack” of another went viral, do you think the animal was actually trying to attack him ??
        Damn i thought he was a good person.


      2. Hello again, Jose,

        Yes, while Serio does occasionally interact with the nearly adult animals, he does so often with multiple people present. Sometimes you can glimpse these staff members at the edges of the videos, lining the perimeter of the area, prepared to act in case something goes wrong. One misnomer–which largely seems to have started amongst his followers, but which Serio never corrects–is that “all” of the animals at BJWT were “rescued” from circuses when the Mexican government shut them down. While Serio’s ties (both official and unofficial) with the Mexican government seem to assure that he has a steady stream of cats either because he’s contacted by the government to come “save” them, or because the cats are confiscated and then brought to BJWT, only a small portion of the animals actually came from circuses, and, to my knowledge, Serio has never directly interacted with any of them because they’re all adults and not habituated to his reward system.

        In regard to this “Zookeeper Saved by Tiger” video which was recently posted by the Daily Mail along with a brief article, and which has since been spread somewhat, that’s actually an old video. No, the simplest answer is that I don’t believe Dharma was actually trying to attack Serio. That said, I do believe that one of these days there will be an incident which is going to result in tragedy. These contrived, and often forced “prides” that Serio continues to shoehorn his animals into are a potential hotbed of conflict and tension. Though the public is carefully shown videos wherein the animals are lounging and seemingly content, there are a startling number of videos in which Serio is forced to intercede between animals which are on the verge of lashing out at each other. A still shot of one such video which seems to show Serio “stomping” a lion, was recently explained by Serio himself as a misrepresentation of his deflection of one cat’s aggression toward another. However, in the full length video which he posted, it’s clear that the animals involved do not like each other, do not want to be near each other, and are boiling on the edge of violence the entire time. The fact that Serio consistently forces animals which by nature are solitary (jaguars, leopards, tigers) into “prides” with animals like lions, which by nature form large family groups, shows the depths of his genuine ignorance. Serio has on more than one occasion stated that any sanctuary which keeps animals separated by breed does so simply because they’re too stupid to manage them in groups, asserting that he’s able to do so because of his superior understanding of the cats. Meanwhile, he continues to “run interference” within the groups in order to avoid fights because the animals are being forced into groups they would not naturally form.

        As for Serio being a “good person” his own nature has less to do with BJWT itself than it does the way he treats the humans around him. If you possess enough money and “star power” I’m sure Serio would treat you with great respect. After all, he often posts photos of himself with various millionaires (like the founder of Hublot) while gushing about them with kind words. If you do not have position and money, however, it seems that no one is safe from mistreatment or emotional abuse. There was recently a small kerfuffle over the sudden disappearance of “Pepe” one of BJWT’s better known workers. Now, in the weeks prior to Pepe’s disappearance, I, myself, saw various posts wherein Serio made fun of him, calling him “gay” for taking a photo with a chihuahua rather than a lion or tiger (even though Serio declares that his cats are #notpets and supposedly doesn’t endorse using them as photo props) and another video wherein he repeatedly called Pepe feminine and gay because of the boots he was wearing. After Pepe’s disappearance, Serio snidely said–in response to a commenter’s question of “Where is Pepe?” during a live feed–”Pepe who? We’ve never had anyone named Pepe working here!” In addition to Pepe, there’s been the recent and ongoing drama surrounding the two Savannah cats that Serio supposedly agreed to house temporarily for a fan. Regardless of what side you’re on in that matter, Serio himself has used social media to berate the (much younger than him, and at one point admiring of him) woman, calling her crazy and bipolar, accusing her of lying about him (she’s never slandered him at all that I’ve seen) alternatively insisting that she’s insane, then making fun of her for apologizing for upsetting him. He’s stated multiple times that he doesn’t want the two cats in question and publicly, in writing stated that he’d give them back to her if she paid him money he claimed she owed him. She paid him that money, and he acknowledged that she’d paid him the money he asked for, and in the same sentence announced that he still wasn’t giving the cats back but “thanks for the donation”. And remember, this young woman was an avid fan of BJWT–something that now both Serio and his followers are making fun of her for. No, it would seem that unless you possess enough wealth and/or status to be useful to BJWT as public advertisement, it’s a safe bet that Serio might well treat you like dirt eventually, no matter how much you’ve done for him, or how devoted a fan you were to start with.


  15. Rochelle

    Have you seen Achilles lately? Isn’t he amazing!?!

    I am beyond glad someone kept him alive and didn’t euthanize him as you suggested.


    1. Hello Rochelle,

      Nice of you to come and comment. It’s lamentable, though, that you’re clearly someone who has not actually read the article you’re commenting on. Rather, you’re obviously coming here as a BJWT supporter and fan in some sort of attempt to “boast” that we were “wrong”. Unfortunately, your entire venture is moot.

      We have never suggested that Achilles be euthanized. (read the article, see for yourself) We stated that euthanasia would be more humane than keeping him alive if he was suffering from all of the problems Serio said he was. IF being a key word here. And considering that Serio lies repeatedly about everything from how Karma died to what we said in reference to Achilles, chances are he also overstated what was wrong with the cat, or he’s lying about the cat’s current state. Remember, you see only what Serio wants you to see in his videos. They are designed with followers in mind, and created to make BJWT look good, not to honestly portray what happens. No veterinarian has publicly commented on Achilles, and the only vet Serio refers to is a bird specialist, not a big cat specialist. You are basing everything you believe on the statement of someone who is using the cat in question to make money for himself. During Love’s recent illness, Serio stated the cat was “completely recovered” one day, then the next day Serio referenced Love’s pain meds being reduced. When a commenter asked why he was on pain meds if he was recovered, the comment disappeared, and the post was edited to contain no reference to pain meds. This is one of many discrepancies which occur within BJWT posts. He also, just days ago, announced that a new cat was “literally just dumped at Stage 2” and a day later, he announced that the new cat “Was rescued from a party” by someone named Pedro, who then sent employees to bring it to BJWT. This isn’t a small discrepancy, this is an entirely different story. Either the lion was “dumped” or it was “brought in by rescuers” but the two are 180% different from each other. The same people who commented on the first post saying that whomever dumped the lion was a horrible person immediately commented on the second post applauding Pedro for saving the cat, apparently not grasping the fact that according to Serio Pedro IS the person who dumped the lion.

      As for Achilles himself, yes, we’ve seen him. He still cannot walk up or down the stairs and is carried in and out of the house. Serio is using him to promote himself, just as we stated that he would, and he says often how “perfect” Achilles is doing health wise. Yet the cat’s gait remains unstable, his back end remains weak, and his conformation and posture remains hampered. As we stated in this article, the one you have not read, the cat might live, but he will not ever be “normal”. As an aside, it’s interesting that Serio continually fixates on our position that euthanasia can be a humane option and attempts to use it to ostracize us, while he, himself, has stated on live video that he believes that “all humans should undergo DNA testing to avoid having babies with mental or physical disabilities because they’re a burden”. And more interesting still that his own followers overlook the fact that Serio decries humans with disabilities as burdens who should be avoided while he uses animals with them to advertise himself and his foundation.


  16. els

    Thank you for doing what you do. I’m studying global environmental politics at UC Berkeley and endangered species fall under my areas of study. I used to follow BJWT and then thought – wait a minute, there’s something wrong with this. I started doing my research and I can’t believe I even for a second allowed myself to wear the rose colored glasses. It makes me want to become a lawyer or policy maker and fight. I can’t believe he literally blocks EVERYONE. I commented just to see if he would and he did. Interestingly enough, his friend/supporter ericscott allowed me to engage with the eddie-ites in his comments section without blocking me. i lost brain cells in the exchanges.


  17. Taylan

    couple days ago i discoverd the BJWT-Foundation on Facebook and at first i was happy for the animals but after seeing a couple of his videos i was shocked. These Animals need a lot of space and should definitly not living indoors or in small cages. I also discoverd 3 months ago Kevin Richardson and his santuary. When i compare these two sanctuarys i must say this BJWT-Fundation is a scary place. These Animals need space and the right company not any other animals by there side because it looks good. But i understand many of the fans of the BJWT-Foundation then nearly all of them do not have any idea whats actually good for the animals. In my opinion Kevin Richardson is the perfect example in comparison to the BJWT-Foundation to let people see what real rescue means and how you should use Social Media to spread the awerness.



    1. Hello Taylan,

      We are very glad to see that you have the presence of mind to carry out your own comparisons between BJWT and other foundations and organizations. Simple objective examinations highlight the gratuitous issues, inconsistencies, and down right questionable activity carried out on a daily basis by BJWT and its founder, Eduardo Serio.

      As far as Kevin Richardson goes, he is a good example of a sanctuary which provides an appropriate amount of room for the animals within its care. However, I.C.A.R.U.S. does not condone Richardson, nor the message he sends the public via social media from the standpoint that his messages consistently involve himself interacting with his own lions and other captive wild animals. This poses an acute problem as far as setting an example goes, because Kevin’s “example” for the public is, quite literally, directly interacting with lions and other big cats. We acknowledge that he’s done a great deal for conservation as far as raising awareness goes, however, his continued interactions with his cats-and the fact that he regularly makes videos of himself interacting with them-only validates people like Serio, who fashion themselves after Kevin, and state that they’re doing the same thing he is, namely, using their “bond” and interactions with captive wild animals to spread awareness. This is not a subject one can afford to split hairs on. Either you condone interacting with captive wild animals in a pet-like fashion, or you don’t. But we can’t call Serio and BJWT out for it, and then turn around and say that it’s okay for Kevin to do the exact same thing when the fact of the matter is that both of them are doing one thing, and then telling the public not to do it. Therefore, I.C.A.R.U.S. remains strictly devoted to hands-off conservation across the board. If an animal is not being handled during an active rescue, administration of medical treatment, or rehabilitation (and that as minimally as possible) we do not condone publicly interacting with them, no matter who is committing the interaction.


    1. It’s nice of you to attempt to defend Serio, Juan. However, it’s a moot point, because Serio is lying, repeatedly, when he states that we ever “wanted” Achilles dead. Should also note that Serio repeatedly states that he doesn’t care what “haters think” yet he’s so insecure that he watches our site closely enough that within hours of us responding to a comment on one of our articles, he’s put up a post on Instagram passively aggressively attacking us for things we never said and putting on a public show which is designed to get people like you to pat him on the back and tell him how wonderful he is, and do exactly what you’re doing, come here to comment on an article you clearly haven’t read, or you’d know Serio is lying about what we said. In addition, with all of the “blue energy” you guys are throwing around, fans still aren’t asking basic questions about the fact that the injuries Serio SAID Achilles had are not injuries he physiologically could have healed from in the time frame presented. So, as BJWT fans love to tell those of us who question him, do a little research before jumping on the bandwagon of someone who publicly lies on a daily basis, and has literally no standing in the realm of conservation.


  18. Les

    What is the current situation with Achilles. I have not been on for a while and am wondering if he made enough recovery to manage a weighty life.


    1. Les, Achilles is currently in a different area (I’m not sure what Serio calls it, he says he misses “having Achilles at the house” but then when we answered a comment in regard to Achilles last week, within an hour, Serio had put up a video of Achilles in the backyard area, lying about statements we’d made about the cat, and asserting that he’d “won” whatever that means) and he’s capable of walking around. However, to my knowledge, the tiger–though sometimes seen cavorting or hopping off of low objects–has never been videoed going up and down stairs in the house, nor doing anything like that. He still displays a notable weakness in his hind legs, hocks in particular, and he still displays a pronounced hump in his back, and lack of musculature in his hind end. Also, for some reason (which perhaps Serio has given, but I’ve never heard or read) Achilles’ food is always completely emulsified into a paste consistently, while all the other animals are fed whole chicken necks. Whether this indicates digestive issues, or tooth or jaw problems, I don’t know. We maintain, has we stated to begin with, that he well never lead a completely normal life, and his body will break down eventually, most likely sooner than later. This doesn’t mean he’s in misery, we can’t make those assumptions, and we don’t know what pain medications he might be on. Serio is very poor at relaying medical information and changes statistics regularly. The only thing we can say for sure is that as long as the tiger is alive, Serio is going to use him as a poster child for his “blue energy” cult, and continue selling merchandise with his picture on it, despite insisting that he would never exploit the tiger.


  19. Ahahaha I’m so sorry, but I just can’t help laughing at the ridicule you’ve posted. Look at Achilles NOW, he has recovered and won the battle. By ‘won’, I’m sure bjwt foundation meant that Achi has OVERCAME his battle, replaced by his will to live and happiness. “Use him as a poster child” ; as quoted from your previous comment, I’m positive that Eddie had only wanted to raise more funds for the rescued animals at bjwt, the medical treatment for the animals isn’t free. From your post, I feel that you obviously did not do enough real
    research to back up your untrue and maybe prejudiced opinions. This is seems like another rubbish ‘911animals’ page. Also, bjwt has professional VETERINARIANS who treat the rescued animals at bjwt. Eddie has given up his past ventures to HELP those tigers, lions, jaguars etc, he’s dedicated his years to help them. Can’t people just give more TRUST in the correct way(person) ? Honestly, I URGED all of you above who had given negative comments about bjwt to just look at how happy Achilles is, right now. Please. I’m not a helper of any sorts for bjwt, I’m merely a follower of the rescues. I hope you guys can see the light of the issue. Thank you! 🙂


    1. Hello, jdrialexa,

      As your comment starts out with quotes from BJWT, and your own explanation of what those quotes are supposed to mean, I’m going to presume that you have little or no actual scientific background, and no expertise in either animal husbandry, captive wild animals, or big cats in general. Which isn’t surprising, as Eduardo Serio and BJWT count on people who are either innocently, or willfully ignorant to be their main supporters. After all, no legitimate, established wildlife group has every publicly supported BJWT or Serio because they know that what BJWT does and promotes is only exploitation.

      So, you’re *positive* that Eddie *only* wanted to raise funds for the rescued animals at BJWT? How can you be so *positive* when Serio has constantly refused to ever post genuine financials? A temper tantrum with a quick showing of a private accounting document (which anyone with a home computer can create) does not equate to the detailed financials required by law to be made public which BJWT has not made public in the close to a year that they’ve held 501(c)3 status. In addition, there’s the vast number of donations and profits by the BJWT owned company, Boycott Circus to be considered. There are plenty of funds being raised (never mind any government subsidies BJWT might be getting) to pay for whatever care the animals are receiving. The fact is, no one but Eduardo knows just how much money goes into, or comes out of BJWT, because that’s the way he wants it. And he counts on precious devotees like yourself to assume that he needs money and has none. This coming from someone who owns two houses and regularly jet sets to LA.

      As for research, I suggest that you, yourself, do a little research. Start by trying to find one established conservational and/or big cat specializing foundation, which actually supports BJWT. You won’t find one. Try to find one impartial (not connect to BJWT) foundation that actually promotes BJWT. You won’t. Try to find one impartial scientist or big cat expert that supports what BJWT does. You won’t. And before you can point out SEMARNAT and Profepa as the “experts” who condone BJWT, don’t bother. Those agencies are so infantile in their structure that the Mexican government has sent member to BJWT to “learn about the cats” which does not, in fact, make those agencies “experts” it makes them cronies.

      As to your assertion that BJWT has expert veterinarians, well, they do have an avian expert. Not a big cat specialist. Before that, they had a plastic surgeon. Meanwhile, I.C.A.R.U.S. has been in contact with established veterinarians who specialize in big cat experts who abhor everything about BJWT because they actually understand how much damage is being done. When have you ever seen one of BJWT’s “experts” make a statement about any of the cats? You haven’t? That’s because they don’t. Only Serio makes statements about the cats’ health, even when he doesn’t understand enough to even properly explain it.

      We trust in experts. We trust in our own scientific backgrounds, and our own backgrounds of rehab and reintroduction. And in none of those backgrounds do keeping big cats in houses as pets, and inviting guests over to play with equate to any form of conservation. You ask scientists to base their judgement of a situation off how “happy” a captive pet tiger looks in a video, rather than off of scientific facts and understanding of the real world. This, in a nutshell, is the bullshit that BJWT peddles to millions. That science and reason are to be discarded in favor of perceiving something as cute and entertaining. You say you follow his rescues, yet you don’t grasp what a genuine rescue involves. Instead you cheer on someone who has admitted to buying cubs from breeders in the past, and who has three years of experience with big cats, yet touts himself as an expert. You can’t even become an expert tap dancer in three years. You mistake popularity for expertise, along with the growing numbers of ignorant BJWT fans, who gladly support one of the largest exploiters of big cats the modern world has ever seen.

      My only hope for you, and others like you, is that when in the long run, the evidence of mishandling of funds, mishandling of animals, mistreatment of animals and fraud in every facet eventually comes to light in regard to BJWT, that you’ll have the gonads to publicly admit that you were wrong to so flippantly adore someone who used you to make themselves famous and rich.


  20. Firas

    Have you been to this sanctuary or are you assuming just photos and posts? I believe all these animals are better off with this sanctuary than where they were before.


    1. Hello Firas,

      Have you visited BJWT? Or are you basing your belief that the animals are better there than elsewhere off of just photos, posts, and Serio’s own words?

      We have spoken to visitors and former supporters who have offered us firsthand accounts. It is exceedingly difficult for professionals to visit, as Serio does not allow it, and in fact has turned away numerous established big cat conservationists who have attempted to visit BJWT.


  21. DrH

    I used to religiously follow BJWT. I started when achillies was already walking. So I didn’t see the first videos of him for a while. I loved Kalelito and would watch everything I could. Then one day, as a doctor, I curiously asked Eddie about whether the animals are allowed to breed or are they fixed to stop over population and inbreeding. This was on a live facebook feed. He then called me out by name and told me for fuck off for being rude and asking questions “without even saying hello” before. Which I did. I was gobsmacked that he would say that to a supporter and someone who had actually donated money to BJWT in the past. He never responded to me again and blocked me from all of his social media. I couldn’t believe it. After that I unfollowed and I still can’t understand that reaction to a question.


    1. This is standard operating procedure for Eduardo. Unfortunately, his behavior seems to go unnoticed, or is smoothed over by his followers until he suddenly turns his temper on them, for whatever reason. Which is not to say that you, yourself, ignored his behavior, it’s just an observation. We’ve watched since the beginning as he berated anyone who asked him any question at all. The important thing is that you’ve seen and learned from this, though I’m sorry you had to go through it. Those of us who are not fans of BJWT have an expectation of being subjected to Serio’s wrath, but it’s extremely hurtful for those who believe in him, and in his “love is all” preachings. Especially since his own vitriol and anger is in direct opposition of his own proclamations.

      By and large, his violently defensive and indignant responses to questions like this is caused by the fact that he either does not have a legitimate answer, or he’s already provided more than one conflicting response, and he’s realized that he’s changed his story, and he’s trying to avoid lying yet again. The latter is the reason he refuses to even talk about Karma now. The last time he addressed the subject was during a live feed a couple of months ago, wherein he angrily denounced the “rumors” that Karma had eaten wood which caused her death, and he accused groups like us, and BJWTWatchdog for starting these “rumors” and “lying” about Karma in an attempt to make Serio look bad. However, I have screenshots taken from the BJWT Instagram freed where Serio himself stated that Karma had ingested wood, that wood had been removed from her intestines, etc. He also stated that he wished he could take away the last days she was alive, because she was in agony. Now, he vehemently denies that she every suffered, and he claims that she never made it through surgery that the doctors have no idea why she died, there was no wood, etc.

      As far as the breeding goes, that’s a legitimate question to ask. It’s one that Serio often responds to by saying that BJWT “can’t” breed because it would lose it’s license. However, as a licensed for public entertainment zoo, BJWT is legally allowed to breed all the cats it wants. Furthermore, Serio recently introduced a cub as being Buttercup’s offspring, which proves that he is actively breeding at least some of his animals. However, if he were to just start publicly acknowledging that he’s breeding his own cubs, BJWT suddenly shifts from a “rescue” to just another breeding facility. Never mind that only a few of his cats have actually been rescued from circuses or zoos. The vast majority remain undocumented, except for Serio’s ever changing stories about where they came from.


  22. Linda Motschiedler

    This last article was very upsetting and I am very glad I did not see any of the videos. I was interested in this blog bc I thought it could do some good to try to stop this horrible man. Everything written on this blog is so accurate and so well written and you would think that it would be able to dissuade at least some of his crazy followers but apparently not from what I am reading about this poor tiger cub. I am grateful that I found all this information about this so called “foundation” that I suspected . What I really care about and I know you do is the animals in his care and want to know is what can we do to stop him. I was literally screaming and feeling sick at the same time reading the blog of how he tortured this poor cub for all that time, and then posted it on video for all those idiots and really all the world to watch. Can he be stopped even though he is in Mexico? Isn’t his 501c listed in California? Surely there are some authorities here who could go after him for something?
    I came upon BJWT quite by chance and just years of animal experience/instinct or whatever I just knew it was no rescue. But I do not think I realized how bad it really was going to turn out to be. I did not even need the visual to know that the tiger cub video is not just cruelty, it is planned out weeks long torture, for his own personal Glorification and Greed!! He is a dangerous individual

    One more note, I also need to go back and find it, but while trying to research BJWT , I saw a post somewhere before I found this blogfrom a woman who sent her two Savannah cats to him and she is trying to get them back bc he allegedly abused them
    And videotaped it and sent it to her.
    Wondering if anyone knows anything about this?


  23. Rosa Roma

    Hello, I am from Barcelona, ​​sorry for my English, it is not good and sometimes I use the translator.
    I met two months ago bjwt in instagram and I had suspicions of all this simply by watching videos and reading explanations.
    I searched Google and found your page … Everything is true !!! Everything that I believe is true.
    Too many puppies.
    Animal abuse.
    Little transparent stories.
    In addition to a giant ego, despot arrogance and bad education.
    Also one day his cats will kill him, with love (sarcasm), but they will kill him. Thank you.


  24. Matt

    Whoever wrote this article is a complete fuckwit! Achilles has made a full recovery due to the brilliant work of Eduardo and his team. I guarantee 99% of people who respond to your post are saying the same thing as me but you don’t have the guts to post it because it shows you to be the fuckwit you truly are. Sincerely the rest of the universe you cunt!


    1. Awww, aren’t you adorable, you little Serio Padawan! You even signed off just like your idol. Adorable, but predictable. Just like every other avid BJWT fan, you haven’t actually proved anything with your insinuations. 1) Achilles has not made a “full recovery”. Frankly, there’s no medical documentation of precisely what injuries he actually had to start with. All you have is Serio’s ever-changing stories, and Serio is a documented liar. 2) We don’t hide from mimic birds. the “99% of people who respond to your posts” have been shown in the comments. No surprise, the numbers agreeing with you, rather than us, is unsurprisingly abysmal. You love to talk shit about others, and build yourselves up, just like Serio. And just like Serio, you’re always wrong in the end. But far be it from us to argue. Run along and send some more money to the millionaire to make yourself feel better. Whatever helps you sleep at night 😉


      1. Gabs

        “You love to talk shit about others, and build yourselves up, just like Serio. And just like Serio, you’re always wrong in the end” hahahahahahaa this guy is describing himself!
        You started this thing talking shit about sergio (you have a sad life and love to talk shit about others:( ) just to make yourself up. (Bad for us that answear you, but it is nice to show a stupid man how aware of his stupidness we are)
        And everybody show you how wrong and stupid you are but you just cant see it :/ (you are always wrong at the end)
        So sorry for you man! Hope you get a happier life!!


      2. Hi Gabs! Thanks for stopping by. Wow, lots of traffic today. Must be that snazzy new fundraiser Serio’s got going to feed the 500 animals he rescued and now says he needs help to pay for.

        Anywho, let’s get to your comment, shall we?

        “This guy” isn’t a guy, so you’re starting in the negative. Next up, please show us where we “talked shit” about Serio. We’ve written articles which contained facts, but we’ve never just “talked shit” whereas Serio quite often enjoys putting others down, and even using his social media to incite violence against them.

        We didn’t “started this” at all. I’ll let you in on a little secret that those of us in conservation (*real* conservationist, not just social media stars) already know: Big cats have been in dire trouble for decades before a Beverly Hills hot shit bought a jaguar, lion, and tiger, as pets and started flashing them to all of his wealthy friends on social media. I know, it’s shocking for you fans of Serio, but all the problems he spends times *talking* about, but not actually changing, have been huge problems for years. Only people like you never gave a shit, so people like us just worked to help big cats and other animals without complaint. So, yeah, Serio went out–just like all of those people he loves to curse and demean in his “rescue” stories–and bought himself some pets. Then he started calling himself a conservationist, and inserting himself into OUR world, where WE had been working for decades.

        Again, not a “stupid man” so another point loss for you.

        “Everybody show you how wrong and stupid you are” hmmm. Please, link to where anyone BESIDES Serio ever actually proved our facts in regard to Serio as “wrong”. You can’t because they never have.

        Don’t feel sorry for a man, since I’m not a man. Try to just get your own life together, and I’d say you could call it a win 😉


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