With a Sleight Of Social Media Hand: How Black Jaguar White Tiger Continues to Choose Slander Over Answers

In my last post, I focused on how the pseudo conservation, and misleading representation of Black Jaguar White Tiger was finally being mentioned in news outlets. I talked about how refreshing it was to see the news articles highlighting the questionable activities and the very real dangers of handling big cats, and worse, allowing paying customers–excuse me sponsors–to handle and play with big cats, instead of simply writing a fluff piece with the main theme of Aaaawww! and adding a video or photos of someone cuddling with a days-old cub.

It seems I wasn’t the only person who noticed that news sites were beginning to slowly pick up stories about how Black Jaguar White Tiger exploits the animals it claims to be rescuing. Over the last few days, Eduard Serio has taken to Instagram in attempt to both defend himself and BJWT and, not surprisingly, to direct public attention elsewhere through a campaign of misinformation and outright lies.

This is how BJWT has operated historically. If you question them, you get blocked. If you speak out against them, their followers browbeat you and clog your posts with hateful comments, threats and admonishment for not “seeing the good he does”. Eduardo himself rarely gets his hands dirty. With 4 million+ adoring fans, he doesn’t have to. Neither does he ever step in and tell his fans to back off, or that there might be justification for others not agreeing with how he functions. Interestingly enough, in Eduardo’s recent defensive Instagram posts–responses, he says he’s finally offering after 9 months of being assaulted with accusations–he does not mention The Daily Beast, or Gizmodo,  (though his followers have successfully made asses of themselves on her Instagram) or even ICARUS. No, according to Eduardo, there is only one sanctuary, and one person who has been “hating” on him for “the last 9 months”.

That sanctuary, according to Eduardo, is Big Cat Rescue, which is internationally renown, accredited by the Global Federation of Sanctuaries (unlike BJWT) a member of the World Society for Protection of Animals, certified by the Independent Charities of America as a “Best in America Charity” and has been Rated 4 Stars by Charity Navigator (their highest rating) and has one of the highest scores of any animal based charity. And the single person Eduardo claims has been persecuting him for precisely 9 months, is Carole Baskin, BCR’s founder. Why Eduardo has chosen to fixate on Carole and BCR isn’t clear, nor is the very precise description of the “last 9 months” ever explained in his rantings.

These are classic behaviors of someone suffering from narcissistic personality disorder,  with a healthy helping of megalomania. Instead of answering questions, Eduardo is pointing fingers, and instead of combating the multiple organizations that have questioned him, Eduardo is publicly fixating on just one–also very public figure–and trying to divert all attention to her. In short, he’s picked the biggest piranha in the pool and is attempting to publicly spear her, in hopes that the rest of the piranhas will just go away. Again, Eduardo is mirroring Jim Jones, who chose to vilify the American government in order to ‘save’ his congregation. In Eduardo’s case, he’s trying to vilify one of the premier big cat sanctuaries in order to make his own BJWT look more legitimate.

The tragic–but not surprising–part is that his 4 million+ Instagram followers are blindly agreeing with him, and eagerly gobbling up the misinformation and lies, as well as Eduardo’s poorly executed excuses and explanations for some of the accusations that recent articles have raised in regard to BJWT.

The first lie that caught my attention was this post:

IMG_0399      IMG_0400 In his description, Eduardo asserts that someone who truly loves their animals ‘wouldn’t want to use their skulls and skin as decoration for some drunk people partying.’ That’s totally true, Eduardo, which is why those skulls aren’t for display but for learning. Also, the curio cabinets (an inside source tells me that there are only two of these curio cases) are not ‘decoration’ for partying drunk people, but rather they stand in a back room of the sanctuary which is used for private events–often visiting groups of school children– and each skull is identified by species, with descriptions of the species, habitat and cause of death for the animal that the skull represents. These items are educational tools, used to teach children about big cats in the wild. In contrast, BJWT offers no education to any school children as it is privately owned by Eduardo and you have to pledge to donate $1,000 a month, in order to even be allowed onto the property.

Since I knew that the above photograph was bogus, and accompanied by slanderous lies, I decided to dig a little deeper. Next up was this gem:

IMG_0412 I’m not a tech expert, but this is a sloppy splicing job if I ever saw one. Some avid BJWT buddy ought to be unfriended for this. The top part IS an article–not written by Carole, but rather One Green Planet–which is linked to via BCR’s Abuse Issue page–not 911Animal Abuse, as Eduardo claims. The bottom part, which makes a great deal out of offering people money in exchange for comment or articles is something that has been electronically spliced using unrelated subjects, and as I said, sloppily at that. If you look closely:

IMG_0456   you can clearly see that a splicing tool marker is visible on the page, something that would not exist on a genuine webpage. Nor would the solid black line that runs across the screen be present in a genuine webpage. The crosshairs are a photo-merging tool, and that, in itself is very telling of the sorts of lows Eduardo is willing to go to just in an attempt to deflect attention from himself and the workings of BJWT. If Eduardo is willing to fabricate a webpage (or post a fabricated page without proof of it being real, but claiming that it’s real) in order to then put the fabrication on BJWT’s Instagram and lie about BCR, what else is he willing to lie about? My guess is, pretty much anything.

Along with the slandering posts of outright lies he’s put up, he’s also put up posts with misconstrued publicly available information. That’s the thing about America. We have the Freedom of Information Act, which means that besides doctor’s records, and a few other select things, you can get pretty much any information about a person you want from what hospital they were born in, to if they got drunk in public as a teenager. Eduardo then takes this public information–which is not secret or anything hidden from anyone–and adds a few baseless and unsupportable speculations, and sets it loose amongst his fans to spread and comment on.

In the midst of all the trash talking Eduardo has done, he’s also suddenly begun to offer little BJWT ‘Facts’ which state some of the very questions the recent criticizing articles have asked of the pseudo sanctuary. With each “Fact” and question, Eduardo posts the “answers” to the questions. Problem is, none of his ‘answers’ ever actually answer the question.

For example:

IMG_0416        IMG_0417

Okay. So you’re a nonprofit, which means nothing except that you’ve complied with Mexican law and are considered a privately owned civil association. And you’ve got 5 million friends and 200 animals which means–somehow–that you “can’t not be accredited.” Um, sorry, having a bunch of friends and animals doesn’t mean you’re qualified to pack bagged lunches for homeless kids. It just means you’ve got a bunch of animals and friends. He also cites–as if presenting some sort of certification–that he’s posted photos of an award he received from the Federation of Political Green Parties. So you’ve been handed an award by political parties which are, first and foremost, political parties, not conservation groups. Just because the word ‘green’ is involved, doesn’t make them conservationists. In fact, the Green Party of Mexico was shunned by the European Green Party back in 2010 for instating the death penalty, which has nothing to do with conservation at all.

Eduardo goes on to describe how much he’s seen and done and blah blah blah. Basically he throws out some official sounding stuff and then talks about himself. No, BJWT is not recognized by the GFAS. And the ‘G’ in GFAS stands for Global, so BJWT can apply to be recognized, and approved by them any time it wants to. The only reasons it’s not recognized by the GFAS is because it hasn’t applied, or hasn’t met their stringent regulations.

Another question Eduardo has ‘answered’ in his recent defensive posts is:

IMG_0407 IMG_0408 IMG_0409

Terrifyingly, Eduardo’s ‘answer’ to why they consistently have so many cubs at BJWT is to plainly admit that the breeding of big cats is still allowed in Mexico, that he has attempted to buy out breeders, and that he never says no to a rescue. He then cites how much that costs and that the breeders don’t pay him to take their cubs (which, he just stated that he’d attempted to buy out a breeder) so he’s also admitting that the money is going the other way, subsequently supporting the continued breeding of captive big cats. At the end, Eduardo states that BJWT does not have a license to breed animals, and would be shut down if they bred them. Problem is, according to the Law Library of Congress, Mexico doesn’t have licenses for breeding big cats, only for possessing them. A full version of the study and documentation relating to Mexico’s  General Law On Wildlife can be seen here. Be prepared to scroll, as the study covered several countries. The takeaway? Eduardo has spent money to buy baby cats, and then as per BJWT’s own FAQ page they never spay/neuter their animals:

ABSOLUTLEY NOT. None of our kids are spayed or neutered unless they come to us like that. We prefer to use less invasive methods and technology, the oldest method is to separate the female from the male when she is in heat, our most usual option is giving birth control injections every six months. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, we would Love that someday in the future our Angels could help repopulate the Jaguar, Lion, Tiger and Leopard population in México, Africa and Asia. It is very easy to spay or neuter a rescued Angel, but perhaps in 10 years or so things will change and we would have recovered their natural habitat. ALWAYS THINK BIG. ALWAYS…

At the same time, several of Eduardo’s Instagram darlings have complications that he blames on inbreeding. But they aren’t spayed or neutered because he’s ‘thinking big’ about repopulating the wild with his dysfunctional, inbred babies. If that doesn’t make much sense to you, we agree. However, according to Eduardo, his “hater” are just jealous.

Meanwhile, BJWT continues to load up Instagram on a daily basis with photographs of people playing with animals, some of them containing a number of species of big cat lounging, or worse, eating together, in what Eduardo likes to hashtag #TheBigPrideBJWT. Never mind that of the various species shown only lions exist in a family group, while the tigers and jaguars are animals who exist singularly unless meeting with the opposite sex in order to mate, or if in the company of their own young. Then we’ve got gobsmacking acts of stupidity like this, wherein Eduardo is communing, or something, with his ‘kids’ while they eat, and for whatever reason he felt he needed to put himself there and videotape it.

Eduardo very much enjoys asserting that BCR keeps it’s animals in cages, often posting photos which show only a corner of a habitat, or the feeding conduits in a misleading fashion. According to BJWT’s own FAQs page, however, they have only ‘8 acres of land for our babies to run freely and safely without harming one another or risking danger.’ compared to BCR’s 67 acres, and BJWT claims to have possession of some 200 animals while BCR has much fewer animals, many of whom are geriatric and in the last stages of their lives. BJWT welcomes “sponsors” who pledge $1,000 or more a month in donations to come and handle their young animals. BCR, in contrast, hosts limited tours through only a small portion of their sanctuary and because of the size of the cat habitats, they cannot promise that visitors will even see a big cat.

In one of Eduardo’s most recent Instagram posts he offered this picture:

IMG_0414 and proudly said ‘You can not say that us Mexicans don’t have thick skin.’ Except, Eduardo, when it comes to anyone questioning your methods or your pseudo sanctuary. Then evidence shows that ‘us Mexicans’ do, indeed have exceptionally thin skin, and that you’ll always prefer slandering others to answering questions. BJWT will always use a sleight of social media hand to attempt evasion, to justify their own actions, and to deflect attention from themselves onto their ‘haters’, even when those ‘haters’ are just asking legitimate questions, or pointing out obvious issues with the actions of BJWT.

BJWT might have 4 million+ followers on Instagram, but then, perhaps BJWT is more suited to the theatre of social media popularity than they are the theatre of genuine conservation. It’s one of the defining differences between BJWT and BCR. BCR aims to end all private ownership of big cats with their Big Cat Public Safety Act HR 3546, while BJWT actively thrives on being allowed to own big cats.


Author: Artemis Grey


Addendum: As BJWT is continuing their own “Fact” campaign, I’m continuing to follow it, and thus wanted to add the latest rebut to Eduardo’s latest ‘Fact’ and ‘answer’. As usual, it is an ‘answer’ which, under scrutiny, only raises more questions.

Two days ago, just one day after this article was originally published, Eduardo posted this on his Instagram account:



Getting a 501(c)(3) can be tricky. But if you know the right people, it can also be a great deal less tricky, and more profitable.

Naturally, I was also keen to learn more about how the offices of a Foundation based in Mexico had an IRS-related address listed in CA. I should have not been surprised to find what resides at the address attributed to the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation.

The business located at the address to which the above letter was sent is not actually some sort of ‘American headquarters’ for BJWT. Rather, it is R.C. Baral & Company, Inc. which is an accounting company devoted solely to managing the books for entertainment companies. They specialize in the bookkeeping of such monstrosities as Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Showtime, ABC, NBC/Universal, Miramax, and others. All of them devoted to entertainment. They also cater to what they call ‘Creative Entertainment And Business Executives’ along with professional athletes, actors, directors and so on and so forth.

A google of the Contact Person listed in Eduardo’s photo gets us to Joe Laux, CFP (Certified Financial Planner) of Silverhawk Wealth Management. A simple Google search of Joseph Laux and his phone number under ‘Images’ revealed multiple letters exactly like the one Eduardo has posted on Instagram. Apparently, filing for 501 (c) is a specialty of Joe’s. There are 29 types of of 501 organizations (1-29) so not all of the ones I found with Joe’s contact information are 501(c)(3) but it’s clear that he does this quite a bit for companies that range from avionics to other (3) groups.

50(c)(3) is specified for organizations pertaining to –Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Testing for Public Safety, to Foster National or International Amateur Sports Competition, or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals Organizations

Lots of organizations have 501(c)(3) status. It’s not a crime.

However, when your foundation takes “donations” in exchange for the chance to play with your captive wild animals, gaining the status of 501(c)(3) status via the efforts of an entrainment accounting company, and a CFP who specializes in getting tax exemption for companies, and then happily announcing on your Instagram that now all of those “donations” people pay you in order to play with your animals are ALSO tax free for them, does not, in fact, validate you as a conservation group. If anything, it only casts a longer shadows over your empire of pseudo conservation.



34 thoughts on “With a Sleight Of Social Media Hand: How Black Jaguar White Tiger Continues to Choose Slander Over Answers

  1. Brianna Disco

    this is fantastic. although you left how he either can’t read, or purposely left out in his dissection of BCR’s financial statements, how much it actually costs to run the sanctuary. he keeps posting “only 18% goes to the cats” and bashes Carole for taking a fairly meager salary for what i’m sure is 7 day/week commitment(not to mention all the time she’s had to spend on social media the past couple weeks answering BJWT’s fanatics trolling questions) but ignores that in addition to the direct costs related to the cats they need a place to sleep, trees to climb, etc etc etc… although since Eddie’s cats just live in his house and sleep on dog beds and the ones outside in his overcrowded, unnatural “prides” have no foliage, dens or climbing structures aside from a children’s playground; maybe he doesn’t get the costs involved with providing proper enclosures and enrichment for his “kids”?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Brianna Disco

        someone needs to address his sketchy “seeking vet interns” post from a couple weeks ago. i thought it was very weird that he was doing over IG instead of actually working with universities. the email address to send resumes is Bunim Murray productions. a casting call masquerading as a learning opportunity.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, people are becoming more aware of his illegitimate practices. His offenses could literally fill a book. This particular article addresses only his deflecting abilities. Please reference our other articles or the emerging articles from other various sources coming to terms with his conservation facade.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. As was stated on BCA, this is really well put together, and I am so happy to see such thorough thoughts against him. I am still patiently waiting for him to address the declawing allegations, as I have found enough damning photos and videos that show her as clearly altered. That’s the one issue that really is digging at me, and I would make a stink about it on his accounts, but I’d rather not lose the ability to look at his accounts by getting blocked. Keep at it! Enough people are really starting to catch on to this!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I simply can not believe how many people just accept his word as gospel, when it’s so very clear he is hiding. I’ve asked on his sights time and again; show us the rescues! Where did this or that cat or cub come from. Post a video! He never responds. And then of course, whenever I say anything, just as it’s been stated, then I get bashed by his followers, but it’s okay I can hold my own. One thing is clear, his followers clearly haven’t got a clue and refuse to even read the facts…. it’s insane! Well, he’s finally admitted that he is breeding them and calls it his “Angel” program, but I’ve written on those posts that there is not one good thing about his breeding and it just adds to the problem that already exists and that these new cubs can never be released. The people that counter me can never address the issue or question – they ALWAYS side-step it. Completely blind… I thought people were smarter than that. smh


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  7. Kaoru

    Thank you for your information about this. I’ll will wait for new analysis. The important thing is to help the animals…and no recieve anything in change….


  8. Javier

    Dont know much about animal rescue but I personally know this guy, I am from Mexico City as well, his full name is Eduardo Moises Serio, if you google his full name you will find out where he comes from, his whole family was involved in money laundering for the goverment in Mexico for decades, his father (Eduardo Moises Salomon) and uncle were in jail, Eduardo himself has never worked in his whole life, lived on his father stolen money forever, he overdosed and was in a hospital for days when he was like 20, bad, bad person, belive me, hope you can do something to stop him, I dont think he cant do anything good for anyone, he is just a timebomb.


  9. Simona

    I Was following them in Facebook and i downloaded their app to watch all the videos and after seven eight, ten videos I understood that there was something wrong… It seems to me a good camouflage of a circus… I saw the little cages… I saw animals all together , Most of them live alone their lives except lions as You wrote…i saw the live in facebook and yesterday he didn’t gave peace to a black jaguar… The animal was nervous and he was trying to hide himself and he touched him all the time , he put hands in his mouth , he touched his genitals, playing as they were a little bell ding ding… I commented twice, asking him Why he didn’t let the animals free to live in their habitat once they were able to survive and Why there were animals living in very small cages for them , and the second time i asked him to leave the Jaguar quite because he was becoming nervous and it is not a puppet or a dog… He stopped the live ( thanks God for the Jaguar) and he blocked me… This opened the last closed part of my eyes…


    1. missbreebree03

      i got blocked because i found it disturbing that his “rare, endangered Mexican wolf” ate a couch and Eddie found it hilarious. and his followers were laughing it up too, comparing it to the antics of their own pets. except it’s not just a pet, it’s an endangered species that shouldn’t be allowed access to a couch; i said “there’s nothing funny about this. eating foam can cause a blockage in the intestines and kill the animal.” Eddie responded but then blocked me and deleted my post, his own, and everyone else that commented.

      i’ve also noticed lately he only reposts pics of all those cubs he “rescued” back in Oct/Nov when they were younger and still living in his house because “they were frail ‘rescues’ that needed goods constant care(but didn’t need to be quarantined from each other and could be handled by untrained visitors). nothing of them in the new super habitat he’s supposedly building with all the donations he asks for daily.

      he’s an absolute egotistical scam artist; he takes “rescue for profit” to the next level of scumbagness and unfortunately it’s probably going to take something tragic happening to stop him. given the overcrowding and young teens he employs to feed the cats it’s only a matter of time.


      1. Simona

        Lucky You, he answered… Me i received only the sweet answers of his lovely followers…
        They don’t understand they are playing with fire… There is only One alpha male , for now … Eddie… Animals respect him because of this… Other people are nothing more than herd, if they are lucky… One day another alpha male will ch all’ente the old one… And they will have to do something wrong to save Eddie…


      2. Jamie

        I’ve tried to keep an open mind and read all you have to say but this is just crap. He doesn’t have young teens hired to feed the Cubs, there ARE trees for the cats out on the area he keeps the big prides along with water pools and such. He has posted pictures from the animal rescues and I could go on but why bother…..


      3. Jamie,

        I’m not sure where you’re reading that anyone stated that Serio employs “young teens” at all. I couldn’t find any reference in the comments to this, and our article certainly did not make any such statements. As for the tree remark, there are trees only in the common area where the cats are put for filming. You’ll notice that most of the cats are put here, or in a second open area for filming. These areas are not where the cats live, but only where they go for exercise. In regard to the posted “animal rescues” no one has ever said that he doesn’t post about rescues. The problem is, even when he does post about them, he changes the stories himself. Just recently he posted about a young lion being dumped at stage 2, and then turned around and posted about the same lion stating that it was rescued. Now, one of these stories is a lie. Not a mistake, a lie, knowingly told in order to gain a reaction from supporters. Which story is a lie, we’ll likely never know, but they cannot both be true. So his posting about rescues is a moot point.


  10. Tin

    I’ve been following this guy forever and the way he talks on his insta page, I just always said he sounded like a huge asshole. I typed in “black jaguar white tiger controversy” on a whim and this came up. Not surprised. Total narcissist. Hit the nail on the head. So sad about his robot followers who will support him no matter what.


  11. Mirian

    BJWT seems to have a lot of IG accounts under various names such as queenkarmabjwt In this one he’s appealing to the Steve Job’s foundation for money and even photoshopped a picture of himself on a picture of Steve Job holding a screen shot of Eduardo on his iPad. You may need to set up a new IG account to see this and all his slander and lies. I just hope procedures are prepared to rescue those cats before he goes down.


    1. Jamie

      Maybe you should get your facts straight before you go running off at the mouth just to sound like something special to the other trolls out here who also don’t seem to care if the so called facts they are preaching are true or not.. First of all that account is NOT Eddie it is another very nice person and secondly he did not make that picture of him someone else did.


      1. Jamie,

        There’s no need for such aggression. This confusion is precisely what Serio depends on in order to continually build himself up. The account beseeching Apple’s Cook for aid, and public support is, in fact, the account belonging to BJWT. Serio posted an “open letter” style post addressing the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. In this “letter” Serio goes on about how BJWT is the largest sanctuary on the planet (two lies in one sentence, as they are not a sanctuary and thus cannot be the largest sanctuary for big cats) and declaring his love for Apple, as well as stating that he’s been approached by a competing phone company to be their ambassador (possible, though the way he gloats about everything, and overstates his participation in various projects he actually has no standing in, it’s also possible that this isn’t true at all) and wherein Serio hints strongly that he’d like to receive a counter offer from Apple to become an ambassador for them.

        This seems out of left field, but for anyone who follows Apple, they have drastically changed their marketing regime in the last year, relying more and more on star and athlete endorsements to sell their products. This is a calculated attempt by Serio to get Apple to sponsor BJWT, nothing more. Or, at the very least, to convince all of his followers that he might soon have Apple’s endorsement. Having a company as popular as Apple support BJWT would be something Serio felt legitimized him and his foundation. It would not, in fact, do anything to secure them as a legitimate conservation group, because Apple has nothing to do with animal conservation. Rather, it would simply be another celebrity endorsement of a place where celebrities go to play with captive big cats.

        The second post that you’re so angrily stating was not posted or created by BJWT is another story entirely. No, it wasn’t created or posted by BJWT. Neither was it created or posted by a “very nice person”. The creator of this photoshopped image of Steve Jobs holding an iPad with Serio’s picture on it is someone well known for their complete fixation with and adoration of BJWT and Eduardo Serio. They have, on a regular basis, left incredibly abusive comments on the profiles of anyone questioning BJWT or Serio, they’ve threaten those questioning him with bodily harm, and legal threats, and they’ve gone so far as to use their own photos from their own social media sites to try and assert that others have “threatened their family” after those persons blocked them for cursing and being abusing in general on posts questioniong BJWT. They are not a “nice person” at all. At any rate, this person photoshopped that image intentionally to promote the idea that BJWT is working with Apple. These aren’t “accidental” they are designed to misrepresent the idea that BJWT has connections it does not actually have.


      2. Rachel

        I don’t understand how you find anything he does with these big cats to be healthy, safe or normal. Rolling around on the ground with lions and tigers doesn’t seem unnatural to you? Putting his arm in the mouth of a predator doesn’t seem wrong to you? Maybe this guy thinks he is doing something good for the animals he “rescues “, but he definitely isn’t helping the species as a whole.


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  13. SE Alva

    So I’ve been following THe BJWT facebook page for a while. Last night Eddie was screaming at his employees and someone who accidentally fixed Beverly “hole”. He kept calling them and hanging up on them and just going off like a lunatic. I said “you shouldn’t yell at your employees like that at least not in public”, he said “Fuck you Sue Ellen Alvarado…bye”, so now he’s blocked me from his site and can no longer comment. Extremely childish. And just last week he posted about how he no longer has people close to him.


  14. Linda Motschiedler

    A few months ago when I first saw one of these videos I knew instantly it was not a Sanctuary. I am just glad to have found that someone is looking into them for all the reasons and questions that I posed to them with no response expected. I’ve been following and researching them since. Everything I suspected is sadly true but I’ve been around too long to be surprised. I would like to stay updated on this story.


  15. Eddie’s real name is Eduardo Moises Serio, he does not use his father’s last name on purpose since he and his father Eduardo Moises Salomón are under investigation for money laundry and activities related to organized crime, what really makes me feel suspicious about him is that most of his life he lived as a junior and suddenly after he lost everything and had to leave the US he became and animal lover and big cats expert, yeah right! he cannot do money laundry anymore in Mexico so this was the smartest way for him to get tons of free money and continue to be the super star he always wanted to be. Poor cats…


  16. Tom

    So nothing he does is good? It’s just a black & white issue – he is simply a bad dude? No grey here to be found? Just as simple of a picture as you painting it? You, on the other hand, are of course a force of light, right?


    1. To be blunt, no, nothing Eduardo Serio does is “good”. He purchases animals solely in order to put them on social media and claim that he “rescued” them, when in fact we know that he has breeders on hand to keep him stocked with fresh babies for his social media fans. We know for a fact (from firsthand accounts) that he receives millions of dollars in donations, which are never transparently represented–as is required by law–for his American non-profit tax status. He uses intimidation to control everyone around him, while lying about his own goals. He can’t even keep his stories straight. In one article from last year, he stated that his animals are rescued from circuses, and in another just a few months later, he stated that all of them came from drug lords who bought them as pets and then dumped them. In reality, only 13 animals at BJWT ever came from circuses, and of those, several were removed due to malnourishment and mistreatment. In that latter article, Serio also cites the “stupidity” of owners for giving dog toys to their big cats, when he, himself, did the exact same thing with his first animals, which he purchased as pets. Karma, in fact, died after chewing up pieces of Eddie’s furniture, and when it became evident that she had a blockage, Eduardo, himself, stated that he thought she might have eaten one of the dog toys he gave her. Eduardo publicly states now that “no one knows why Karma died” despite that we have screen shots of his original Instagram posts wherein he states that she might have eaten a dog toy, and then details her death for fans.

      I.C.A.R.U.S. is not perfect, no one is. However, considering that we are not rolling in hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars by exploiting big cats, nor are we threatening other humans with death, nor are we publicly providing the personal information of people and joking that our followers should “take care of them” for us, yes, we consider ourselves to be decent human beings.


      1. Rachel

        I have decided to stop following this guy. I feel like an idiot for following him in the first place. Rolling around on the ground with big cats and putting body parts in the mouths of these animals like it’s a game…..always knew it was wrong, just living in denial I guess. Thankfully I wasn’t dumb enough to donate money to this place. Thank you for taking the time to look into this foundation and post the realities of it so eloquently.


  17. Some of the page/link you’re referring are not available anymore. Best to capture/screenschoot them.
    Initially I really want to question BJWT’s account but I don’t want them to block me so I continue to monitor them up and would capture anything shady. While spreading the awareness of rescuing big cats, example of real sanctuaries, etc.
    This is very informative piece of article.


  18. Francisco Garcia

    Hello, I am a Venezuelan citizen who left my country due to the harsh crisis it is undergoing. The crisis itself is so severe that about 10% of the population has left in the past 10 years.

    If in Venezuela there is not enough food for the people who eat only once a day, what do you think is happening with pets and the zoo animals… these last mentioned are literally skin and bones.

    A Venezuelan girl named Maria Gabriela Gonzalez thought it would be a good idea to reach out to Black Jaguar White Tiger as an attempt to find aid/support for the “big cats” starving in Venezuelan zoos.

    The “Big Cat Rescuer” Eduardo Serio, not only dismissed Maria and her call of help by criticizing the whole situation, but the real grave thing about this case is that he went out of his way and posted Maria’s personal and contact information to show all his followers how right he was to dismiss this girl, promoting a sort of “Social Media lynching”, using the influencing muscle of his 6.5 million followers to bully her.

    The result, endless amount of hate comments, verbal aggression and threats towards Maria Gonzalez from Eduardo’s supporters.

    Hope this shameful event does not go by unnoticed,
    Francisco Garcia


  19. Anthony

    Thank you! As an animal advocate and someone who takes pride in not following the crowd…boy do I feel fn stupid! Keep up the great work guys!


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